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About Me

Jordan, who has brown skin and black, twisted shoulder-length hair, is wearing a navy sweater and beaded necklace. He is smiling.

Jordan (they/he) is a fourth generation Black descendent of Ned and Priscilla Curry, Alice and Jessie Cox, and Axie Jane and Dolphus Roper. Jordan is currently based on the unceded lands of Nacotchtank and Piscataway people, now commonly known as Washington, D.C. Jordan approaches his work with an intersectional lens and the guidance of his elders and ancestors. Jordan is a current member of the Board of Instigator at the Diverse City Fund, a movement accountable public foundation which supports healing justice, organizing, advocacy efforts in D.C. through participatory grantmaking. Jordan is also an active member of Resourcing Radical Justice and Freedom Funders philanthropic groups.


Previously, Jordan was the Director of Power Building at the Horning Family Foundation, a D.C.-based foundation that partners with organizations and community-led efforts to strengthen movements for the individual and institutional change necessary to build power, transform systems, and achieve racial justice and equity. During their tenure, they helped establish and launch the Racial Justice Initiative, a 10 year, five million dollar commitment to support Black-led organizing and advocacy work in the D.C. area.

Some of Jordan’s many influences include Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, and Fannie Lou Hamer.

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